WifiKill PRO Apk v2.3.2 [No Root] Final Cracked – Disable WiFi for Others [XDA]


wifikill pro apk cracked Well, with this app you can disable internet connection for a device on the same network. So if someone (anyone) is abusing the internet wasting precious bandwidth for a Justin Bieber video clips you could just kill their connection and stay happy with a full bandwidth just for yourself.

About WifiKill PRO Apk

WiFiKill Pro Apk No Root is the full version of the app, and it has some cool features just like the other variant. WiFi Kill Pro is able to disconnect or disable the devices that are connected to the same WiFi network. That helps us to browse the web at high speed.

This is crazy:

What will you do if your friend or neighbor utilizes your WiFi connection by stealing the password or without taking your permission? Of course, you can’t behave harshly with them because they may feel bad. In that kind of situation, WiFiKill Pro comes into the picture. WiFi Kill lite or Pro will cut the WiFi to their gadgets without them knowing it. wifikill for unrooted phones

Cool, isn’t it?


Is it easy to download WiFiKill Pro apk XDA on your mobile? Absolutely!

WifiKill PRO Apk v2.3.2 [No Root] Final Cracked - Disable WiFi for Others [XDA]
WifiKill PRO Apk v2.3.2 [No Root] Final Cracked – Disable WiFi for Others [XDA]

Here is the short and simple tutorial to make WiFi Kill Pro download on Android. Follow the guide and complete the process successfully.

Once you finish the work with WiFiKill pro apk, you can also enable those devices again. Not only all devices, but you can also select only one device. WiFiKill gives you the complete freedom to explore whatever you want on the web. You can get WiFiKill for Windows PC and also WiFiKill for iOS (iPad or iPhone) gadgets.

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FEATURES of WifiKill PRO Apk:

– grabbing traffic, showing websites visited by the grabbed device
– showing bytes transferred by “grabbed device”
– tablet friendly!
– android 4.x only
– Note, requires root access (wifikill for unrooted devices)


Improve grab/kill effectiveness
Fixed killing problem due to iptables rules
Fixed grab all button behavior and status device count
Fixed url list scrolling issue
Fixed some devices missing upon start
Added udp protocol blocking
Fixed Force-Close when device name was empty
Fixed Service Fail upon start

Download Links to WifiKill PRO Apk v2.3.2 [No Root] Final Cracked – Disable WiFi for Others [XDA]

WifiKill Pro v2.3.4 Final Cracked APK / Mirror

WifiKill Pro v2.3.2 Cracked APK / Mirror


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