Whatsapp Plus APK For Free- Hello guys, are you looking for latest WhatsApp plus mod? So here you will get WhatsApp plus. As we know WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers for communication with friends, relatives, and others. We all are using WhatsApp in our daily life, it’s just become a part of our life. Basically, WhatsApp offers a lot of cool features like voice calling, video calling, cool emojis, gifs, ground chat and lot more. It just updating day by day with cool things which people love to use. But you are here and looking WhatsApp plus that means you want something more interesting in your WhatsApp.

On the internet, there are so many WhatsApp mods are available and we also provide you some additional on our previous articles. Here I provide you best WhatsApp mods like GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Prime, and WA tweak. So if you should want those mods, simply click on their name and get it from our site. So In this article, we are providing you another WhatsApp mod which is Whatsapp plus who has their cool features which official WhatsApp doesn’t have. After official WhatsApp, we did familiar with this Whatsapp Plus and now this mod has lots of features who will change your experience of using WhatsApp.

In this Whatsapp plus version, you will get more privacy like you can hide last seen, and both double and blue ticks. There are so many cool features on this mod which we discuss below. So sit back and read this article interesting because we will cover all the things about this WhatsApp plus version.

Whatsapp Plus Version Apk Details:

Whatsapp plus is almost same as official WhatsApp in looks but WhatsApp plus have some more advanced features. This messenger will change your experience of using official WhatsApp and m sure you will prefer to use it. Basically, in WhatsApp, we can send text, images, videos, gif files and any document file. Whatsapp plus is a good and improvised version of official WhatsApp and you will never get a ban on this version. In this version, you can easily customize your WhatsApp and send media more than official WhatsApp limit.

Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus APK

This WhatsApp plus apk was developed in 2012 by Ralfanse but in 2014 WhatsApp was staring ban those users who were using WhatsApp plus. But now we have latest WhatsApp plus version that you can use without any trouble or without getting a ban on WhatsApp. Now this WhatsApp plus is frequently updated and it always comes with new and best features. If you are thinking that before using WhatsApp plus app you need to uninstall the official WhatsApp then don’t worry about it, you can run both applications at the same time.

Download Here

In WhatsApp plus, you can do so many things which you can’t do in official WhatsApp. In official WhatsApp, you can hide last seen but you can’t be able to hide online status but in this version, you can do this easily. If we talk about sending media files on WhatsApp, so you can’t be able to send more than 10 images at one time but in WhatsApp plus apk download you can send lots of images at the same time. So here we are sharing WhatsApp plus because it has so many cool features and themes which can change your WhatsApp environment.

Features of Whatsapp Plus APK:

1). Hide online status

In official WhatsApp, you can only hide your last seen but in WhatsApp plus you can also hide your online status. When you enable this option, no one will see that you are online whenever you are online.

2). Hide ticks

This option is great because if you hide your online status and someone will send you a message that time he got double tick which means you have received the message. But with this option, you can disable your double tick and blue tick.

3). Create group invitation link without permission of admin

If you are not the admin of Whatsapp group and you want to add your friends in that group. With WhatsApp plus you can do because this version offers you to invite your friend via group link and your friend will easily join the group without permission of group admin.

4). Enable and Disable Calling Features

If some many accidentally you pressed the call button while checking the profile picture so you really want to disable them. So this version allows you to disable voice calling, video calling feature which you can enable any time when you need.

5). Show online 24/7

If you want to pretend that you are online all the time then enable this option. You just need to on your mobile data or WIFI and it will show you online every time.

6). Customize Whatsapp

Yes, you can customize you WhatsApp according to your need. There are so many themes and features which you can use anytime.

7). Lock Chat

If you don’t want to lock you WhatsApp messenger, you just want to lock particular chat or group so you can do this on WhatsApp plus.

New Features on Latest Whatsapp Plus Apk:

  • You can hide online status, double tick, and blue tick.
  • Create Group Invite Links without permission of admin
  •  Enable or disable call options.
  •  The show always online.
  •  Added Much More Customization Features.
  •  Frequently Updated.
  •  Send any files such as PDF, TXT, Docs and much more.
  •  Change theme and make your WhatsApp awesome.
  •  change WhatsApp launcher icon.
  •  Lock particulars chat or group.
  • Change conversation text style.
  • Copy anyone’s status by double click.
  •  Status limits increased up to 255 characters.
  •  You can be online forever on WhatsApp plus.
  •  Save, load, share your themes with your friends.
  •  Configure pictures pixels and size of the images.
  •  Take a complete backup of all your chats and history
  •  Don’t need to do registration process.
  •  You can also share high-quality images on WhatsApp plus.


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