How To Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once ?


In this article, we have discussed How you can Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once Facebook is a really big giant social media website which has millions and trillions of users daily it also has many popular things to do for instance there are facebook pages which let popular peoples, brands, entertainment niche and companies to stay in touch with there fans. facebook also has Facebook groups which are used for many purposes like entertainment where peoples and friends add each other to the group and they post pictures, quotes, jokes and much more.

Facebook groups also used for many other things like big companies in India like paytm and Amazon use Facebook groups to resolve customer complaints and many other groups like there are buy and sell type of groups sharing groups, groups of popular websites to stay in touch with there friends and some peoples create and post in only for spamming like how to unfollow all on Facebook at once.

How to Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once

Now let’s talk about the solution if you are the person who hates facebook groups, notifications, posts and useless discussion in the group then you are at a right place.

How To Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once ?
How To Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once ?

in this article, I am going to explain how you can get rid of these facebook groups in few clicks in this step by step article keep reading facebook groups can be fun but it can also be irritating so follow this tutorial and get rid of all facebook groups(unfollow all facebook script).

Steps to Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once using Social Media Toolkit Chrome Extension

Note: you will require latest google chrome for successfully executing this tutorial because this tutorial requires the latest version of google chrome to run this extension which we will discuss below.

1. Install Facebook Social Media Toolkit.

Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once
Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once

Now your first step is to download and install a Google Chrome extension Facebook Social Media Toolkit this plugin also has some pro features and other many free features so that’s why I will explain to you in detail how can you unfollow all facebook group in few clicks.

NOTE: How to Get Facebook Social Toolkit Premium For Free ?

2. Login to Facebook.

when you are done installing this extension in your browser login to your Facebook account where we will continue the tutorial how to unfollow all facebook groups or unfollow all fb group.

3. Tap on the extension.

Unfollow Groups in facebook at once
Unfollow Groups in Facebook at once

Now click on the extension icon and under premium section click on Unfollow All Facebook Group At Once.

A new popup will appear where you need to confirm the Unfollow all Facebook Groups button there.


That’s it guys you are done, now you will no longer receive any more notifications from those facebook groups.


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