5 Tools Everyone in the 3D Industry Should be Using (2018)


1 Maya

This software is basically a computer animation. It can be used for modelling of different things. But primarily it is used for animation and simulation and rendering of models. This app boasts for high quality graphics and features. I would not suggest this to beginners as even professionals use it for their touch-up. Since I have used it myself i assure you that it will provide you ample opportunities to full fill great deal of animation.

Maya actually lets you experience virtual-reality effects and animation, and all of this at your very own personal computer. Maya takes you through a whole 3d spectrum. This app will soon become your one true love. it is already the love of film makers, video gamers, television industry and all forms of entertainment.

2 Blender:

This was launched in 1995, by blend foundation. The best part is it is an open source software. Beginners might find it a bit difficult as it is a professional grade 3D computer graphic computer software application. In all these years blender has managed to secure its place as a biggest and most active 3D printing community.

Blender software is primarily used for preparing 3D models,  visual effects, video games etc. If you don’t want to prepare 3d mapping , printing then you can opt for 3d printing pens. These pens are a form of 3d printer pens only, but you can use them with your hand itself. There are many 3d pens available in the market, make sure to read out their review first.

 I would like to suggest this to beginners.  It will be very use full to beginners as it has enabled accesses to many inside tips and assistance. This software gives you scope to do mistakes and learn. And the best part is it won’t cost you a penny.

some of its features include:

1 camera tracking

2 3D modeling

3 sculpting

4 texturing

5 video editing

Now do you really think you can get a better offer than this?

It is a complete package and it doesn’t even cost you a penny.

3 Sketch-up:

This application is really a beginners bro. It is really easy to learn and use especially for beginners. It provides you all the space for newbies to learn all basics. Sketch up is famous for its exceptional use in architectural design, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and interior designing.

 Key feature of the 3D ware house is it comes with an additional in “sketch up” that can be used to download and upload file. This feature not only lets you edit and improvise things but also provides you a platform to let your creativity flow, it lets you share your ideas with others.

This software even accepts 3rd party plug-ins to mix and match. I personally appreciate this feature. Although there is a free version of this software available online but there is a paid one too sketch up pro, with some additional features.

4 Solid works:

Solid works was founded in 1993 by MIT graduate Jon Hirschtick. It is a solid modeller. It uses a parametric feature-based approach to create models and assemblies. Solid works is a solid modelling CAE  i.e computer aided engineering and CAD i.e computer aided design program that runs on Microsoft.  It works by utilizing numerical and geometrical parameters to create assemblies and models.

 My particular favourite feature is “designer intent “. This feature allows user to decide which parameter is going to be the important one, so that the required design will respond correctly to changes and is capable of retaining the design features that are most necessary for the user.

when you use solid work to design a model, it all starts with a 2D sketch and then its software takes geometric features of the users sketch like arcs, points, shapes, conics etc. and will finally generate a 3D model.

5 Zbrush

Zbrush was developed by pixologic inc. in 1999. it is a digital sculpting tool which combines 3D and 2.5 D modelling , texturing and painting. This application works on pixol technology. Pixol technology can store lighting, colour, material, and depth information for all the objects that are provided on the screen this application has created a standard for digital sculpting through out the industry.

Let me tell you why so?

Zbrush uses dynamic levels of resolutions to allow users to make global or local changes to the model.

Because it has provided its users a very flexible toolset that does a lot more than just digital sculpting. you can even do your sketching work in this application by using paint shop tool and add textures or even access a reference image by using spotlight tool.

Why I prefer this over other software of the same kind is that every feature of Zbrush has multiple applications that almost anyone in 3D modelling can put these features to great use.

Some of Zbrush features are:

1 3D brushes

2 polypaint

3 illustrations

4 transpose

5 Zspheres


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