)In this article, we have discussed Send Messages To All Facebook Friends At Once. by following our this tutorial you will be able to send messages to all your Facebook friends at once without messing things. facebook is a big giant company which lets you connect with friends on this website. how to send individual message to all friends on facebook

You can use this feature of sending a message to all your friends at once for wishing them on any special day like a new year, Diwali etc. this social media toolkit has many other features which you can use like unfollowing all facebook at once, invite all friends to group, unfriend all friends at once, posting in multiple groups and much more. how to send a message to all friends on facebook messenger

How to Send Messages To All Facebook Friends At Once

This social media toolkit has premium features which can unlock by following our tutorial you will be able to use many other premium features as well. we will be adding more tutorial like this in future so can use and enjoy all its features. if you like the social media toolkit extension then support the developer by buying it.(send message to all Facebook friends chrome

Send Messages To All Facebook Friends At Once

1. Download or update your google chrome to the latest version.

For successfully running this extension you will require the latest version of google chrome browser so update or download the latest version of google chrome.

2. Add social media toolkit extension.

Now you have to install this Social Media Toolkit For Facebook in your google chrome some of this app features are paid but you can unlock it by following our tutorial.

Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once

3. Log in to your Facebook account.

When you are installing the social media toolkit you have to login in your facebook account so you can send a message to all your friends.

4. Click on the option of Messages All Friends At Once.

After installing the extension you need to click on the Toolkit icon and then click on Messages All Friends At Once.

5. Set up the tool.

Send Messages To All Facebook Friends At Once [7 Steps]

A new popup will appears where you need to set the minimum time and number of friends.

Note: you should keep the delay time to at least 60 sec so your account won’t get blocked by Facebook.

6. Type your message.

A new popup will appear where you need type the message and click on the send button and the message will be delivered to your friends. you can also send stickers too.

7. Done.

Your all friends will receive your message soon.

Thank you for reading if you like this trick to send a message to all friends at once sharing it with your friend and let them also enjoy the magic. bookmark and subscribe us for reading more such articles on daily basis.

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