Hey welcome guys in this article I am going to tell you how you can Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers and secure facebook privacy settings. facebook is a great place to connect with your old buddies and also to meet new peoples. facebook allows you to comment on others post, group discussion, sharing thoughts, uploading pictures and many other facilities.

But there are also security threats like hacker, spam apps, malicious website who are ready to spam you, loot you and misuse your pieces of information. worry not we are here to help you what you have to follow these tips and you can reduce the chances of hacking on your facebook account.

How to Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers ? [5 Deadly Tips]
How to Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers ? [5 Deadly Tips]

Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers [5 Deadly Tips]


Remeber those quiz, facebook games, love tracker, popularity meter, what is your secret name these kind of apps.

when you open them they ask you to connect it to your facebook account and you do it right? well hold on there when you try to connect the quiz app to a facebook account, facebook comes up with a pop up where it shows all the required permission which the quiz app requires from your Facebook account.

If you feel the quiz app is asking for too many permissions I would suggest you to avoid using that quiz application. (how to protect my fb account from block)


The spammers are now using facebook videos to take control of your Facebook profile and when they get the access they use your account to spread spam, spammy comments etc.

So be careful and do not click on unknown videos and links.


While browsing facebook you may have faced a situation when you try to watch a video, but a notification appears saying install or update the codec application.

But it’s a common perception that this codec application is doing some kind of wrong activity that’s why antivirus program is blocking it so it’s always better to be on a safe side avoid installing this kind of software which are unknown to you.


There is common practice going on peoples are making fake accounts in name of Facebook, for instance, Facebook team, facebook security, security team etc.

and they ask you to some kind of task like visit a link and fill you id password on it and give them access to your account to them to fix some issue etc.

one thing which you need to understand is Facebook does not send these kinds of messages, so what you should do if you face a similar situation is to take a screenshot of those messages and ask your friends and facebook groups if the messages are genuine or fake.

Never fill your id and password in unknown and shady websites.


  • Add your phone number to facebook and Change its privacy to Only me,  so even if you face any issue you can reset your password using your mobile number.
  • Add Security Question as a Secondary option to get back your Facebook account. Choose a Question, Answer to which only you know. or add any other Unique answer which nobody knows but make sure you are able to remember it.
  • Change your Password Frequently keep changing your passwords frequently many times popular website database gets hacked and sold in bulk so by changing your password you will be able to dodge that situation before someone try to access your account using the old password.

I hope you like this article how to secure facebook account from the report Thank you for reading.

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