In this article, we have discussed Save Data When Using Your Favorite Social Media Apps social media like facebook, snapchat, WhatsApp is getting so popular nowadays, For instance, facebook where you can connect with your friends you also get to meet some interesting peoples around the world. whatsapp the biggest and most popular messaging app around the world which has millions and more daily active users.

Social media can be used in many ways you can connect with your friends share pictures videos audios chat with them share files documents location plan a meetup and much more. popular apps like Instagram and Facebook provide a live feature where you can share your live videos with the whole world. isn’t it wow social media have changed our lives so much.

Save Data When Using Your Favorite Social Media Apps

Social media provide us so many features but they also consume much internet data especially if you are using mobile data it can cost you a decent amount of data or we can decent amount of money so it this tutorial I am going to tell you how you can save your internet data just follow these simple steps and you will be able to save much data.

Steps to Save Data When Using Your Favorite Social Media Apps

1. On Facebook.

When you use facebook daily you may be using around 100-300mb or more data daily there are so many peoples on facebook can you imagine how much they are using daily. if you are using a facebook you can do this turn on the data saver on facebook from setting this will reduce the data consumption. you can also switch to facebook lite facebook created facebook lite app for those who are still on slow networks it will also save the data for you.

2. Instagram.

Instagram is full of pictures and videos means to consume more data this can be expensive if you are using it on your mobile network you can save data on Instagram. there is a cog button on Instagram setting turn it on and the data consumption will reduce.

3. Snapchat.

Save Data When Using Your Favorite Social Media Apps
Save Data When Using Your Favorite Social Media Apps

Snapchat is getting popular day by day this is the latest social media network but its filled with many data consuming features you can save data on Instagram by turning on the cog button which you can find in the setting of snapchat app.

Open snapchat screen and there you will find a cog icon in the top-right corner Tap on it a new window will appear then scroll on the settings page navigate to Additional Services Turn on the Travel Mode and done now your app will consume fewer internet data.

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