How to Recover Corrupted Files Using CMD and EaseUs Data Recovery ?


In this article, we have discussed Recover Corrupted Files Using CMD and EaseUs Data Recovery. after reading this article and following this step by step tutorial you will be able to recover your corrupted data from a USB drive easily. many times we lost our important data due to some error on the usb drive and then we get depressed about it how we are going to recover all the data from.

Data corruption is a very common problem which we all have faced in past or going to face in future but here is a catch we have a solution for this problem and you can recover your lost data from USB drive by following our step by step tutorial.

Recover Corrupted Files Using CMD and EaseUs Data Recovery

This tutorial will guide you through all the process what you have to do is follow every step carefully so you won’t mess up with your computer. Here I have shared 2 ways to recover your file and 1 way to change the path for fixing the USB detection issue on your windows pc

Steps to Recover Corrupted Files Using CMD and EaseUs Data Recovery

 1. Try to change the new drive letter.

Our computer sometimes fails to detect the USB drive when this problem occurs you can’t access your USB on your pc you can fix this issue by following this tutorial.

Let’s start

Step 1. Insert your USB Drive.

Just insert your USB drive and then right click on My Computer and tap on the “Manage.” button and a new window will appear.

Step 2. Click on disk management.

a window named computer management will appear where you have to click on “Disk Management.”.

Step 3. Select change drive letter and paths.

Then you have to right-click on “Disk Management” and then select the option to ‘Change Drive Letters and Paths’ when you click on it a new window will appear.

Step 4. Change the assigned letter of the drive.

Here you need to change the assigned letter of the drive.

Done you have assigned a new name to your USB drive your computer should recognize it now but if it fails to continue to next step

Recover All Files From Corrupted Storage Device Using CMD

Step 1. Connect your USB and open CMD.

Connect your USB drive on your computer and press Windows button search for cmd. right click on it and choose Run as administrator option.

Step 2. Type.

You have to type Chkdsk H: /f where “H” is the drive letter it can differ from computer to computer check whats your USB drive letter.

Step 3. Verifying Process start.

Now your computer will start verifying your files. If you receive the error that your drive is not Windows XP drive then just enter Y there. the computer will show you when the process will be done.

Step 4. Recovery start.

If your drive was really corrupted this CMD function will recover all your data in the directory Lost.dir in your USB drives. but it has no issue nothing will happen

If your computer shows an error that no files were found what you have to do is “.” (dot without quotes) in the search box on right corner and press enter.

Using EaseUS Data Recovery:

If you aren’t comfortable with CMD recovery you can try this software which will help you in recovering your files

Step 1. Install EaseUS.

You have to download and install EaseUS  Recovery and then open ait select the file type which you are trying to recover and tap on “Next button.”

Step 2. Select USB drive and scan.

Now you have to select your USB drive which is corrupted and click on scan button.

Step 3. Recover.

When the scan will be completed a list will appear where you can see your all corrupted files select all the files which you want to retrieve and click on recover button.


That’s it you have successfully recovered your corrupted files. that you for reading this article Recover Corrupted Files Using CMD and EaseUs Data Recovery bookmark and subscribe us for reading more such articles.


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