Best PayPal Alternatives- Hello Guys, I am back with very interesting and useful article. As we all know that we can do our any work through online like money transfer, shopping, online payment and so more. whenever we need to do online payment no doubt most of us are choosing Paypal alternative for personal use. It is not about PayPal is the cheapest or best payment option for an online platform.

So why we are using only PayPal? it’s because we all have used to it and also not aware of the Alternatives who out there. Most of the peoples are using PayPal because our friends or colleague are using this. But if you are landing on this page that means you are looking for PayPal Alternatives because PayPal Alternatives are quite simple to use which anyone can use even a kid can.

List of Best 8 PayPal Like Alternative Online Payment Services

All PayPal users know that PayPal is not perfect for online payment but nothing is perfect. But why should we be tolerating this issue if we have better options out there? Now we need to switch here you will get top 8 best Paypal Alternatives which are very easy and secure payment methods. So check out below we have listed top 8 Paypal Alternatives list with their description. I hope you will enjoy this article and will helpful for you.

1. Google Wallet

Google Wallet is one of the best and easily PayPal Alternatives to sending money, receive payment, transfer funds etc. You can also get single tab money transfer feature on it, which means you can transfer the money in all around the world with a just single click. In this wallet, you can store all your financial detail like Debit card details, Credit card detail, Bank account details, and also save you all transaction records.

You can also add money to google wallet that can use quicky anytime anywhere. If you are thinking about their secure then don’t worry about it, Google will protect your money and all details. So this is the best feature which I felt so for security and better transaction use these Alternatives.

2. Payoneer

Payoneer is another PayPal Alternatives for Indian Users, Bloggers, and Freelancers online service who make your global online payment easy. This service is quite different if we compare it to others PayPal Alternative. If you are freelancer, blogger, affiliate marketer, basically if you send or receive money from other countries then this is the best Alternatives for you. This service available in more than 200 countries and transactions in more than 100 currencies.

It doesn’t charge a single penny for creating an account on it that means it’s totally free for everyone. But you have to pay transfer fee which all depends upon your country and in which country you want to the transaction. You can also transfer money through Payoneer user to Payoneer user.

3. Skrill

Skrill is another best and useful PayPal alternative for eBay which allow you to do the transaction on a global platform. This European site gives you all the same services as PayPal gives you. Skrill is a very popular site which is supported by eBay and Skype. Basically, the main target of this side is the united kingdom and all European countries.

So if you are looking for the best and safe service who will allow you to transfer the funds globally then this is the best service for you. One of the best features of skill is that skill allows immediately withdrawal into the bank account of the recipient. It also supports more than 200 countries and also transaction in 40 currencies.

4. Dwolla

Dwolla is another best PayPal Alternatives that provides you so many services platform to send money on internet or online. With this, you can do easy payments, receive money and also send money to anyone. If you are a businessman then you can use of Dwolla to receive money from your customers.

Most of the people are using this Dwolla to do online payment and also for sending or receiving money.Dwolla has an awesome feature that allows you to do thousands of payment at the same time, which is called Dwolla mass pay.

5. PayZa

PayZa is popular money transfer service that you might have use of. This is best PayPal Alternatives even this is much better than PayPal. It also exchanges your funds into bitcoins, yes in this 2017 PayZa added this services where you can exchange your PayZa fund into bitcoins.

If you want to invest your money in bitcoins then this is the best way to invest in bitcoins and also the first payment service who offers bitcoin integration. You can use their services over 200 countries and also use service in different 20 languages.

6. Stripe

A stripe is one of the best options for those who are looking for Paypal Alternatives to send or receive payments online. Basically, a stripe is USA based company who accepts the applications from other countries. If you have an e-commerce site or any other web store then you have to integrate with stripe because stripe has already integrated with all the web stores and e-commerce store.

You can also find a stripe plugin which is great. The service of the stripe is available in almost 140+ countries and also accepts debit card or credit card which means you can easily go global with a stripe. You never need to pay a fee for making an account but it will charge you 3% on per transaction.

7. Selz

Selz is very user-friendly as compare PayPal so it is the best Alternatives to PayPal. It also supports digital goods like Ebooks, Softwares, Audio Book and so many more things that means you can sell all these products and use Selz for accepting payments. This feature makes it very user-friendly and changeable.

If you are freelance or blogger as well as an affiliate marketer and you want to do sell some products through sites. So Selz is the good option out there because almost pro bloggers are using Selz’s services. It also provides a plugin which means if you are using WordPress site, install Selz plugin on your WordPress site.

8. Payline Data

Payline Data is our last PayPal Alternatives which we’ve listed on our PayPal Alternatives list. It has some great features like payline Gateway that allows you to pay online money securely.

You can also do face to face transaction because it provides you a point of sale service and hardware who support them. It will charge you approximately 16$ to 17$ per month and 10c per transaction.


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