How to Open & Extract – Unrar Rar Files on Android – Extract Rar Archives on Android


In this article, we have discussed How to extract/unlock Rar archive files on Android easily. Rar archive formats are commonly used to compress multiple files in single Rar file it makes sharing files easy and also reduce the size of files can save you from the mess of sharing easy and every file individually. how to unrar a rar file on android

RAR archives can save more space by higher compression levels, ability to split big files into multiple ones and you can protect rar file with a password you can attach and share your Rar files in many platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook and email website like facebook reduce the image quality so you can use the Rar file to save your image from losing quality. and uploading a single rar file will take less time than sharing multiple files. but Android OS by default doesn’t support extraction of RAR files, that’s why we use third-party apps. how to decompress a rar file on android for ppsspp

How to extract/unlock Rar archive files on Android?

How to Open & Extract – Unrar Rar Files on Android - Extract Rar Archives on Android
How to Open & Extract – Unrar Rar Files on Android – Extract Rar Archives on Android

In this article I will tell you how can you extract and unlock a Rar archive file with ease what you have to do is follow all the steps which I have listed below carefully and you will be able to extract the Rar files.

Steps to extract or unlock Rar archive files on Android.

Follow these steps.

Step 1. Install RARLab App.

As windows do not support the direct extraction of Rar archives so we will need a third party app which can do this task we are going to use the RARLab app to extract the Rar file.
Click here to Download RAR app from Google Play Store.

Step 2. Install RARLab.

When the RARLab app will be downloaded open it. this app may ask a one-time permission to manage file allow it.

Step 3. Select File.

Now you have to find and select the Rar file which you want to extract, select the Rar file you want to Extract or Open.

Here, you will have two options – extract all files from the Rar archive or to extract some specific file which you want. I will explain you both here.

  • To extract all files – Select the Rar file by marking the arrow next to Rar files and click on the “upward arrow” extraction icon as shown in the below image –

  • Next you will be redirected to extraction options screen.

  • To Extract only selected or Particular file of the Rar Archive –  First of all tap on the file name of Rar archive. Then it will show all files present inside the Rar Archive as shown below.
  • Now, here select all the files you want to extract and tap on the “Upward Arrow” extract button. You will be directed to extraction options screen.

    4. Choose Destination.

In the extraction options screen as shown below, Select the destination path or location where you want to extract files. Then Tap on “OK” button.

  • Done. You have now successfully extracted and unlocked password protected Rar Archives on Android.

If the Rar file has a password it will prompt you to enter at the screen during extraction.

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