Hello everyone, here we are coming with a very new app named Viper4Android – which will help you a lot. This is a sound equalizer app used on android Nougat, Marshmallow, and Lilopop. This app will help you to enhance the sound quality of your android mobile phones. Everyone nowadays is very fond of good music and very good sound quality. For good sound quality and beat and base, most of the people expend lots of money in buying good headphones and home theaters.

Here with this Viper4android app you can able enhance your sound quality and also able to equalize for a better result. In this blog, we are going to share about how you can able to download viper4android in your mobile phones. You can install it in any android (Nougat/Marshmallow/Lollipop/KitKat etc.). You can Install Viper4Android Nougat and marshmallow too.

Install Viper4Android on Android (Nougat/Marshmallow)

Nowadays almost everyone is very fascinated about listening good music with very good sound. For the demand, the music industries are also streaming good music with lots of good beats. And peoples are love to stream good music, listen folk to their favorite beats, melody, and composition through streaming apps on the internet.  Lots of music streaming services are increasing day by day in the world which is actually able to work on androids.

What is Viper4Android?

Installing Viper4android on android devices like Nougat/Marshmallow helps to enhance the humble music sound of android and allow them with powerful equalizer for android that will help to feel the good music through the androids. I think music is the best way to kill your stress and it also helps to keep your emotions on right track. Music is just like a very good and easy remedy for the stress and stress-related problems.

How to Install Viper4Android on any Android Device
How to Install Viper4Android on any Android Device

You also feel that when you are in a deep stress than just go and listen to good music you will soon feel fresh and energetic as well. And androids are the so handy nowadays, what you think if you have a smartphone with a very smart and good sound quality than you are the luckiest. Viper4android for android nougat is one that is a kind of revolutionary sound application for androids which actually carries the solution to all above problems related to good music.

Important Things to Know

You need to have rooted device for viper. If You don’t know How to Root Android Check This Tutorial.

This viper4android application offers a very good and enhanced version or you may say enhanced version experience of very good sound from those smartphones which don’t come with bundled up beats and Dolby music system. You will feel that with the help of this viper4android application is the best audio enhancement tool with audio driver which will unleash and have very outstanding performance from your Android device.

Viper are not only limit to the sound of virtual headphones it will able to enhance the quality of your music and you can able to differentiate between the virtual and real sound, this app also provides its user a best audio experience and with that unbeatable equalizer in the market for your androids.

Viper4Android for your android version

Steps to install Install Viper4Android on any Android Device

  1. Download and install Busyox or FlashFire apps from play store. And, Allow them with root permissions.
  2. Download Flash file (zip) for the viper4android application.
  3. Once Download – Open Flash file through the Busyox or FalshFire program to burn in your Device’s memory.
  4. Now, Your device should reboot automatically. So, Bare with me. And, wait for the process to complete.
  5. If you don’t have a rooted file explorer in your device – Download and install that too.
  6. There you go. Now, you can use Viper4android application for your android device.

Features of viper4android :

  • viper4android offers two variants FX and XHiFi.
  • XHiFi is the classic version.
  • FX has even more functions and capabilities.
  • Both will help you to enhance your audio quality and helps you to reconstruct the audio quality by equalizing it.
  • the viper4android application has speaker optimization quality with a quad channel support and also able to control speakers.
  • It also provide differential sound and add psychoacoustic effects to existing music.
  • It helps in spectrum extension which are able to enhance those high frequencies and also able to get the crisp version of beats.
  • Viper fidelity control able to enhance bass and clarity with numerous controls.
  • USB Dock effects allows an input device effect as well.

Headphone surround feature will help you to feel like a mock environment is created around you.

From Editor’s Desk

So, all n all – viper4android for android is a great alternative for your device. You can use it in your device. If you find any doubt or suggestion related to the article itself. Please feel free to leave a comment below in the comment field. I’ll try my best to reply as soon as possible and solve the issue. Thanks for your time.


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