All You Need to Know About “The Future of Bitcoins” – Bitcoin Future Predictions


    Bitcoin prices at the closure of 2018.

    Since it came into existence 9 years ago, 2017 was the most successful year for bitcoin and this changed the whole perspective of cryptocurrency. According to, it started the year 2017 at a price of $999 and closed the year at $13,800.

    Actually, the price of 1 bitcoin had gone as high as $19,187 as at 16th December. This was until South Korea announced a crack on trading that caused a drastic fall in bitcoin for the following one week and fell to $13,170 as at December 22, 2017. With the sharp fall, there are a lot of investors that saw like this was the beginning of a fall.

    All You Need to Know About "The Future of Bitcoins" - Bitcoin Future Predictions
    All You Need to Know About “The Future of Bitcoins” – Bitcoin Future Predictions

    With almost a stagnant prices for the rest of the year, ranging at $12,000 to 14,500 it opened the year well and since the beginning of the year, the prices have been steadily going up with today, the 5th of January 2018, trading at $16,155. This has put a smile on the faces of the investors.

    Reduction in bitcoin’s volatility.

    According to the wall street journal, the high volatility that comes with investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is bound to come to an end. This is after the two biggest security exchanges in the world, were cleared by the US commodity futures to list bitcoin futures.

    What’s in for bitcoin in 2018?

    After the announcement by South Korea to crack down the trading which saw a sharp fall of the bitcoin prices, there are investors who have not regained the courage to really invest in it again due to the stiff fluctuation in the pricing. As noted by John McAfee, a renowned long-term investor, he says that this is the right time to buy the currency as the future really looks bright for the currency.

    Also, the crypto firm, Tenx, founder, Julian Hosp notes that the bitcoin price can get to the $60,000 mark but it is also likely to drop to $1,000. However, it is not clear what will come first but the two are big possibilities. On this website, you can learn how to buy bitcoin and all the requirements that are needed in order for you to purchase some. As the saying goes, it is only late if you do not buy today.

    As much as the volatility is set to be reduced with the listing of bitcoin futures in the Chicago security exchange, it is important for every investor to keep up with the current discussions and news on the bitcoin.

    Both online media platforms and mainstream media have played a great impact in the abrupt rise of the bitcoin prices and as the rule of the demand and supply goes as more people express interest in the investment of the bitcoin, the supply will go down thus making the prices to go high.

    These are just speculations from experts as the price may grow even way beyond this. This is seen from the analysis made by the financial analysts towards the end of 2016 that the price would hit $3,000 but as it is evident, it went way beyond that.


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