Whatscan PRO Apk for WhatsApp Web Download Free [LATEST] 2017


Latest Whatscan pro APK- Hello guys, I am back with another awesome article which is about WhatsApp. In this article, we are going to discuss whatscan apk for whatsapp web which is very helpful. Most of us know that we can able use WhatsApp on pc or laptop through WhatsApp web. Most of the time we can’t able to use both laptop and phone at the same time that time we prefer to use WhatsApp web. Through this feature, we can use our WhatsApp easily on computer or laptop. Sometimes we want to use our friend WhatsApp account but it is not often that your friend will come to your house and you will able to use their WhatsApp account on pc or laptop.

This application will help you to use your friend’s WhatsApp account on your Android Smartphone. With this whatscan app, you can use any ones WhatsApp account on your phone. Nowadays, we all are using WhatsApp for communicate with friends and relatives. There are so many WhatsApp mods available on the internet. If you are interested in WhatsApp mod then check out our previews articles, there we provide popular and latest WhatsApp mods.

Whatscan APK Latest version:

Whatscan PRO Apk is one of the popular Android application where you can scan WhatsApp QR code for using other’s WhatsApp account on your smartphone. We all are using an Instagram account, Facebook page for connecting with peoples which our partner can open it anytime on their personal device but you can’t-do this on WhatsApp. If you want to use WhatsApp account on two different devices then this application is very helpful for you. With this trick, you will get instant messages in both two devices.

Whatscan PRO Apk for WhatsApp Web
Whatscan PRO Apk for WhatsApp Web

This application is the easiest way to open the same WhatsApp account in 2 different smartphones. The interface of this app is very easy to use or understand anyone can use it. Below we have provided you latest version of whatscan app download link. The latest version of whatscan gives you very interesting features like instant messages, video calling, voice calling, real-time communication and much more which we discuss below.

Official App Here

Whatscan is really helpful for android users and very simple to use. If you have gf or bf and you want to spy on them. So you can able to use his/her WhatsApp account on our smartphone. If your friend has iPhone and you want to use his WhatsApp then you can do. You just need an android device for installing this Whatscan PRO Apk that’s it, no matter your friend has an android phone or not. It has so many more interesting features which we discuss below. So check them out best features of this app and we have also provided a direct download link of this app.

Whatscan PRO Apk for WhatsApp Web Download Free
Whatscan PRO Apk for WhatsApp Web Download Free

If you are thinking that does whatscan app required root phone or not. So I tell you that this app is not required root access you can easily access on your unrooted device. Anyone can install it on their device without rooting their phone.

Latest Features of Whatscan apk:

1. Use one WhatsApp in two and more device

Yes, you can use one WhatsApp account in two or more devices with the help of this android application. But if we talk about using WhatsApp in pc or laptop then you can’t use WhatsApp on more than one laptop or computer.

2. Support Multi-language

This app provides multi languages support. So if you are not comfortable in English then you can change it another language which you know very well.

3. QR code scan

For using someone WhatsApp, you have to scan QR code with that phone who you want to use. Without scanning QR code you cant be able to use any WhatsApp account.

4. Need Rooted phone or not?

If you are just reading the features of this application then I happy to tell you again that you can use this application on your any device. Yes, you can install it on your device without a rooted android phone.

5. Don’t have to pay a single penny

This application is totally free with lots of features. If you were thinking that you need to pay for it then don’t worry about it. It comes in a free version.

Download Whatscan PRO Apk for WhatsApp Web

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