Whatsapp Gold Mod Apk- HI guys, are you looking for new Whatsapp mod? If yes, so here we have very interesting Whatsapp mod for you that is Whatsapp Gold Apk. Now the days, all peoples are crazy for Whatsapp and every person spends their lots of time on it daily. But now we all have been bored by using this official Whatsapp app that why you are here and we are comes with interesting Whatsapp mod which will fully change your experience of using Whatsapp.

This Whatsapp Gold Edition Mod Apk is one of the best Whatsapp mod where you get lots of themes and features that you should know. This mod is very easy to use and the developer of this mod has claimed that you will never get a ban after using this mod.

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You can’t find this Whatsapp Gold MOD Apk (v6.0) on Google play store but don’t worry about it we are providing a direct download link below this article. Apart from it, you also have all the same features on Whatsapp Gold Edition which original Whatsapp is providing you. Basically, with this Gold Edition mod, you can change all the features of official Whatsapp. As you know, you can be able to hide your last seen, your profile photo and status also but with this mod, you can also hide your online status that means no one will see you are online.

Download Whatsapp Gold Edition Mod Apk

In this Whatsapp Gold Edition Mod, You have so many awesome features that will totally change you Whatsapp experience. Sometimes we want to see someone’s profile photo or status but accidentally we have clicked on calling button so now you will face that type of problem. Because you can easily disable voice calls & video calling feature and you will easily enable it when you need. If you have any problem with any Whatsapp features then you can easily disable them. In short, whatsapp Gold Edition 6.0 is a full package of entertainment where you can change or add any features of Whatsapp whenever you want.

Whatsapp Gold Edition MOD Apk Free
Whatsapp Gold Edition MOD Apk Free

If you ever have wished to customize the Whatsapp so after reading this article you can customize Whatsapp as you want to be. You can easily change the theme of your Whatsapp and also change some features on it. There are so many cool things which you can do like you can enable and disable any feature according to your need.

You can send unlimited messages, photos, videos and files at the same time. There is no limit to send anything to other like you can send video up to 1 GB or more instead of 30mb which is great. You can also send unlimited photos at once but in official Whatsapp, you can be able to send only 10 photos at once. In this mod, you will find lots of themes which make your Whatsapp looks awesome.

Features of Whatsapp Gold Edition:

1). Play Video Before Download

You can also play video while downloading which you receive in Whatsapp gold edition.

2). Disable or hide voice call, voice note, and video call

You can easily disable the option of voice calling, Voice note and video calling and you also able to hide these calling buttons.

3). No limit to send photos and videos

In this gold edition, you can send unlimited videos and photos at once but you can’t send more than 10 photos on original Whatsapp.

4). Send HD Photos

This App will allow you to send high definition photos through Whatsapp gold edition. it will never compress you file or quality.

 5). Sound Notification

When you will send messages to someone, it will inform you that message has been send via notification sound.

6). Preview an image before Download

If anyone will send you an image, you can see that image before download which is the best feature of this Whatsapp Gold edition.

7). Lots of Emoji

In this gold version, you will get lots of interesting and unique emojis. It also offers you ISO 9 and marshmallow’s emojis.

 8). So Many Themes

There you have so many themes which you can install on Whatsapp gold edition. You can find your favorite theme and apply on your Whatsapp gold account.

New Features in Whatsapp Gold Edition Mod APK:

  • Whatsapp New Look
  • Change the Emoji color
  • Added Option to convert the color of the contact and message of the White name in conversations
  • Bold Name contact in Chat
  • New Font Style Added for Different Look
  • Add Option to change header in Conversations between Old Ul & Call Ul
  • FAB added
  • Added Option to Hide/Show FAB (Floating action button)
  • Send video to size 5 GB instead of 20 MB
  • Send unlimited images at once
  • Image/Video preview without download
  • Optimized the features according to your choice

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Latest Version is Here- WhatsApp Gold v6.0 Modded Apk

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