How to Change Facebook Color Using Google Chrome Theme Extension ?


Hello there welcome to the home new tricks, hacks, mobile games and much more in this article I am going to tell you how you can Change Facebook Color Using Google Chrome Theme Extension. if you have ever got bored by facebook default blue and white color then this article is written for you, my friend.

Facebook don’t let us change the color and theme of its homepage by default that’s why we are going to use the google chrome extension for this task.

How to Change Facebook Color Using Google Chrome Theme Extension ?
How to Change Facebook Color Using Google Chrome Theme Extension ?

Remember this tutorial is written for google chrome users if you are a Firefox user then keep reading you can also download and use the facebook theme extension in firefox the steps will be same.

Change Facebook Color Using Google Chrome Theme Extension

Step 1: Download extension.

As I told you in the upper paragraph you will need an extension for changing color in facebook so you have to download the extension for google chrome.

Follow this link which will lead you to Google Chrome Web Store, where you need to Download and Install this Facebook Themes Extension.

 Step 2: Install the extension.

Now you have to Install the Facebook Theme Extension by clicking on Free or Add to Chrome Button.

Step 3: Check.

Google Chrome Button > Tools > Extensions OR you can just Type in your URL bar: chrome://extensions/ and you will be able to see all installed extensions.

Step 4 Find the facebook theme extension.

Now you have to Look for Facebook Themes Extension and once you find it click on “Option” button and a new popup will appear.

Step 5: Choose a theme.

Now Click on “Explore”  and a new window will appear where you see all the available Facebook Themes which you can choose and apply to Facebook.

 Step 6:  Install.

once you have selected your theme click on “Install” button and The facebook theme is now installed in your browser, you can Click on the Installed tab to verify the installed theme.

Step 7: Done.

Now you have got your brand new look on your facebook account. you can also change the theme by using the facebook theme extension.

Firefox users.

If you are a Firefox user install this Dark Facebook extention and you are ready to go. just this extension not only change your facebook to dark color but also change the color of some texts.

How to Remove the facebook theme?

If you want to remove the theme for any reason you can do it by either switching to the default theme on facebook theme extension or you can just uninstall the facebook theme extension.

  1. Click on google home button.
  2. then select tools.
  3. extention.

or just type this chrome://extensions/ in the URL bar and disable or uninstall the facebook theme extension and you will get back to your default facebook look.

I hope you like this article Change Facebook Color Using Google Chrome Theme Extension thank you for reading bookmark and subscribe us reading more such articles on daily basis.

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