Top 10 Best (RPG) Role-Playing Games for Android Device | 2017


Best Role-Playing Games- Are you looking RPG games for your android phone? Here we are listed “Top 10 Best Offline RPG games for android device”. Everyone is busy in their life, they can’t even take 10 minutes to go outside for taking fresh air. We all are just living in a race, so wake up guys and give some time to you.

We all have smartphones where you can play cricket, baseball, chess, football and so many more games are available on your smart phones. Here we have Best Top 10 Role-playing game for Android. These games can be enjoyed by all the age groups. Select anyone game and make your days awesome.

If you are reading this article that means you know the importance of Role-playing games. In the Role playing game, the player trains their character in a different way, depending on the game purpose. Role play is very popular among in computer games but now all the role play games are available in the android phone as well.

Top 10 Best Role-Playing Games for Android Device

Below we have listed top 10 best roles play Android games. These all roll play games are available in Google play store, not all of them are free but some are free for you. So let’s check them out below and choose any one which you want to play and make your boring life into entertaining.

1). Evoland

Evoland is one of the best RPG game which is available in Google play store for Android users. Basically, the game is based on the history of action, adventure and also provides you 2D and 3D environments. There are two combat options which you will get to do, one is turn-based combat and second is hack-n-slash combat.

When you will complete these combat, you will unlock new combat and new awesome environments. It is really a very awesome concept, I am sure you will love to play this game. There is only one downside is that this game is very shorter according to other RPG games.

2). Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter is one of the best RPG fight game. In this game, the main hero will fight against evil monsters and villains. it is a full of thrilling and there are lots of hidden secrets inside of this game which you have to find out.

In this game, you will face so many different monster and so many different environments. If you want to get armor and new weapons then you have to complete the levels and you upgrade your character as well. The size of this game is quite more and also consumes a lot of data but it’s worth it.

3). Chaos Ring 3

Chaos Ring 3 is another best RPG games for android which you can get from Google play store. This was very hard to get when it comes to the Android smartphone. This game has everything which we all would expect to RPG games. The story of this game is very interesting with lots of twist and turns, awesome graphics, and excellent sound effects with real voice acting.

This game has deep characters because it has been a lot of detailing on each character’s clothes and hair. This game will charge you $13.99 which is great and worth it, you should try at least once.

4). Doom & Destiny

Doom & Destiny is one of the best standard turn-based RPG game where you will control four characters. Every character has their own works or classes; they are Ninja, Warrior, Pirate, and Magus. Each character has their own limited power point pool and you can be able to equip any spell which can purchase at any time.

The characters of this game are very flexible to perform in battle and also very useful. This game is highly recommended by all RPG gamers those who want classic NES/SNES games.

5). Endless Frontier

Endless frontier is new and more interesting RPG game is available in Google play store. It has 4000 stages with interesting turn and twist. You might find an angel turning up that you would be grateful to use a magic spell.

Endless Forntier has awesome and ancient story lines for the battle where the evil prince was defeated. In the story, one of the heroes has promised to fight against that prince of darkness.

6). Pocket MapleStory

Pocket MapleStory is very popular Pc game but now it is available on android smart phone as well. The mapleStory is now in our pocket. There are a thousand of missions, quests and so many other cool stuff are available on it.

The important part of every RPG is fighting in battle, you can customize the characters and battle place and also join your friends in your team. If you bore every day then download and install this game and explore all the wonderful missions.

7). Battle Hand

Battle Hand is another best RPG who gives you an opportunity to battle with the army of the heinous queen. You have three characters in this game, they are Wizards, Archers, and Knights, these three are heroes of this game.

In this game, you will see everything is so scary and magical, you just feel of the dark ages. There is also awesome 3D graphics of battle hand. For getting more stuff, make the best strategy and win the battle for collecting more stuff.

8). SoulCraft

Soulcraft is best offline RPG game for the Android smart phone. It has awesome graphics and sound effects. It is more over action RPG game and also strategy game for android device.

The main purpose of the game is to bring the peace that means you have to bring peace in the game world with the help of ninja. In this game, you will feel like a warrior who fights for world safety.

9). Legend of Roland

Legend of Roland is our second last RPG game which is specially made for android tablet users. You can play this game on your android phone but it perfectly controlled by the tablet.

There are two main characters in this game, one is Roland and second is Charlotte. You can also add so much more characters on it and upgrade many skills as well.

10). Hero tactics

Here tactics are our last Android RPG Games is also a strategy game. In this game, you have three standard modes, you can challenge player all over the world.

If you love strategy games then download this on your android phone and keep your interest on every level.


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