Top 8 Best Web Browsers For Linux 2018 (UPDATED)


    Top Best Browsers for Linux Users- Hello guys, are you using Linux operating system? Or you just thinking to use Linux. So here I have very interesting and helpful article for you. Ib this article, I will suggest you best browsers for Linux. As we know the browser is the important need of the computer and laptop.

    On the internet, there are so many browsers are available for Linux users. If you are finding best browser who should be faster and responsive as well then read this article fully. All these browsers are free to download, install and they all are the best browser for Linux 2018 users.

     Best Browsers for Linux 2018

    The browsers are the very important application on everyone desktop. If you are reading this article that means you are looking for the best browser for your computer or laptop. If you are Linux user then this article only for you because I know you want the fastest web browser for your Linux desktop.

    Best Web Browsers For Linux
    Best Web Browsers For Linux

    Now the days Linux is the very powerful competitor of other operating systems like window and mac os. Every operating system has their own browser and Linux has their default browser as well.

    1). Google Chrome

    Google Chrome is one of the best and popular web browser in the browser world. Almost everyone is using this browser on their computer or laptop. This is very light weight and faster browser which provides you the great browsing experience. You can also sign up on google chrome and save your password of any account, also save the bookmark that you will access anywhere by just sign in on google chrome. It offers you best themes and lots of useful extensions. The open source of chrome is chromium which you will happy to see in Linux operating system.


    2). Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox is another most popular browser for all the operating system, also available for Linux users. This Browser is also very faster and comes with lots of feature like add-ons and extensions. The feature of this browser, you can use private window (tab), bookmark your favorite site and so many more things you do on it.

    Now the time Mozilla has also come in Linux operating system as default web browser. The first name of this browser is Phoenix then it becomes Firebird and now we know as Firefox. In Mozilla, you will be having the best javascript performance.


    3). Opera

    Opera is the third best browser for the operating system and also available in all operating system like a window, mac, and Linux as well. If offers so many features, they are the mobile gesture, extensions, download manager and private window(tab).If you ever used opera in the window or your smartphone then you will definitely love to use opera in Linux also. Here we have a good news for Linux user, opera launched their new version. In the new version of opera, you will see lots of hidden feature like add-ons, torrent, and you can also access your computer drive through opera browser.


    4). Midori

    Midori is the best web browser for Linux users. It is really faster and very easy to access. This browser is free for everyone and also very light weight that’s why we add this browser in our top 10 best browsers for Linux lists. This browser is based on WebKit and also supports GTK2 and GTK3. In this browser you can run your script, also block online ads, smart bookmarks, speed dial, mouse gesture and much more.


    5). Pale Moon

    Pale moon is just like as Mozilla Firefox, its interface and look is fully same. Basically, Pale moon is the alternative browser of Mozilla Firefox for Linux. In Mozilla alternative version, you will see two main features that are speed optimization and auto parallelization. It removes all the add-ons features which are not needed in your browser. This browser also available in mac os and Vista version. Here is some problem that most of the popular Firefox add-ons and extension are not compatible with this alternative version.


    6). Web

    The Web, most of the peoples are not familiar with this name, its previous name was Epiphany.This browser developed in c language and its part of GNOME project. On this browser, you have some best feature like you don’t need to install adobe flash player plugin because it’s already inbuilt on it. In the latest version of web browser, you can use almost all the extensions on your browser but can’t use all the add-ons. It also filters ads, supported by Greasemonkey and mouse gestures.


    7). Swiftfox

    Swiftfox is another alternative browser of Mozilla Firefox which is available for Linux platform. This browser is free for download and also compatible with Firefox extensions and plugin. This browser is specially made for Linux platform and its open source that anyone can use it. It provides you best browsing speed because it removes all the unnecessary things. If we talk about the speed, it takes 1.7% for rendering the web pages. So it is the also best browser for your Linux.


    8). Qupzilla

    Qupzilla is another and our last web browser for Linux which is good for use. It is also lightweight browser software and loads any website in few second. You can also use add-ons and extensions on it without any problem. If you are looking good performance browser and who gives you perfect browsing experience then this is the best browser for Linux platform. It has lot more features like ad blocked, speed dial, you can bookmark any website, RSS feeds and also save history.



    These all are the best web browsers for Linux platform and all are free to use. As we all have used Chrome, Mozilla Firefox from a long time so here we provide some more browsers which are also best. I hope this article has helped fully for you. If you have any query about this article, feel free and leave the comment on below comment section. For more connect with our facebook, Instagram, google plus.


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